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The Impact of Tourist Demographics on Environmental Attitudes and Green Practices

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Sociodemographic characteristics
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Age: ____ years old

Occupational status: Employed  Self-employed  Retired  Student  Unemployed

Work sector (if employed): Public  Private  Non-profit

Monthly income

Perception of green packaging and branding
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Rate the effectiveness of the following sustainable tourism initiatives:
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Use of environmentally-friendly packaging materials
Promotion of locally-sourced and organic products
Membership in green business certification programs prominently display green logos/eco-labels on marketing/communications

How much do you trust that the following actions genuinely benefit the environment?

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Recycling programs for packaging, paper, plastics offered
Water/energy saving practices implemented at the destination
Contribution of proceeds to environmental/conservation projects
Eco-friendly attitudes
Rate the Eco-friendly attitudes
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We are approaching the limit of the number of people the Earth can support
Humans have the right to modify the natural environment to suit their needs
When humans interfere with nature, it often produces disastrous consequences
Plant and animal species have an equal right to exist
Nature is strong enough to handle the impacts of modern industrial nations
Environmental protection should be given priority over economic development.
Natural resources should be used sparingly and conserved for future generations.
We are approaching the limit of natural resources and pollution will destroy the environment.
Environmental damage caused by man-made products and activities has become intolerable.
Nature and wildlife have a right to exist and should not be harmed for the benefit of humans.
Rate the Eco-friendly behavior at destination
1 2 3 4 5 No answer
I reduce energy usage by turning off lights/electronics when not in use
I save water by taking shorter showers and turning off the faucet when not in use
I recycle paper, plastic, glass and metals
I properly dispose of waste, reusable products, and hazardous materials
I avoid single-use plastics like bags, cutlery, food containers and straws
I support local businesses to reduce my carbon footprint
I reduce packaging by reusing bags, containers, jars, etc.
I avoid single-use travel products (bottles, utensils, sunscreen tubes, etc.).
I choose accommodation and tour options with strong eco-credentials and sustainability practices.
I report any environmental damage or unethical practices to the proper authorities.